Posterior bridges were contraindicated in all-ceramics for a long time, as they have to withstand high chewing forces. With its outstanding strength (1200MPa), Zirconium oxide thus also fulfils clinical requirements related to masticatory forces, particularly in the posterior region. Thanks to the high strength values, Alumina and Zirconia restorations can be adhesively, self-adhesively or conventionally cemented


- Crowns
- Bridge spans up to 4 pontics up to 1 cantilever
- Alumina veneers
- Zirconia custom abutments


*structure thickness min 0.6mm

- Marginal reduction should be approx 1.0mm shoulder with rounded internal angles
- Incisal and occlusal reduction 1.6 - 2.5mm
- Labial and lingual reduction 1.2 - 1.6
- Sharp edges and angles must be avoided


*Opalescense in layered ceramics appears orange in transmitted light, and blue in reflected light.

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