Feldspathic restorations

This porcelain is more of a technique than anything else, no one advertises it, very few technicians speak about it, and thus the system is not widely used and is grossly misunderstood by the rank and file.

[Feldspathic restorations fabricated at the laboratory] 

With plain Feldspathic porcelain, one is not restricted in any way when it comes to preparation design. One can feather edge margins and use pieces of porcelain less than 0.3 mm thick to veneer the surfaces of teeth that have good substrate color. Moreover, with partial coverage restorations one has the ability to preserve a tremendous volume of tooth structure. By doing so, the need for root canals is significantly reduced along with post-operative sensitivity and tooth fractures.


- High quality esthetic results
- Excellent color connection between tooth and veneer
- Outstanding fit, margins comparable to gold
- Provides total flexibility of preparation design
- Natural white fluorescents in the porcelain powder


Feldspathic restorations fabricated at the laboratory
*Feldspathic restorations must be bonded. Conventional cement is not used with this product*


- Onlays
- Inlays
- Full coverage crowns
- Partial coverage veneers

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