E-max Pressables

IPS e.max Press

 e.max Press

IPS e.max Press is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingot for the pressed technology. Having a flexural strength of 400 mpa. IPS e.max features the highest strength in pressables.


- Anterior and posterior crowns
- 3 unit anterior bridges
- Implant super-structures for single restorations and 3-unit bridges


- Molar bridges with 1st molar as pontic
- 4-multi unit bridges
- Inlay bridges
- Deep subgingival preps (adhesive cementations)
- Patients with severely reduced residual dentitions
- Bruxism


- Si O2 < 57% wt. (ingot)
- Si O2 <60% wt. (layering)

FAQ: How can IPS e.max Press restorations be cemented?

IPS e.max Press restorations may be either adhesively, self adhesively or conventionally cemented.

conventional cementation

For conventional cementation, however, an appropriately retentive preparation design must be observed. If this is not possible, adhesive cementation, e.g. with Variolink II and Multilink Automix may be used.

For self-adhesive cementation Multilink Sprint is available. Multilink Sprint is easier to use than a conventional cement. At the same time, it offers the additional advantages of a luting composite. Ivoclar Vivadent advises against the use of traditional phosphate cements, since they negatively influence the light transmission through the all-ceramic and compromise the aesthetic appearance of the all-ceramic restorations.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of Preparation Guidelines

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